Zsofi Szabo Design

Noémi worked as a CEO at a big company. She decided to pursue her own path as a consultant to have a better work-life balance. I felt honored when she approached me with the task of creating a personal branding for her. I designed a logo based on her monogram. It symbolizes balance and strength: these are the most important values she stands for in business.

I did a styled, art directed photoshoot for Noémi as well. As the art director, I was responsible to find the most suitable photographer and make sure all the details are in order on the day of the shooting. These included choosing Noémi’s looks a couple of days before at her home and briefing the photographer and the assistant. The goal was to have a decent number of professional photos about her which she can use in press releases and on her website later on.

Client: Noémi Hofer
Areas of expertise: Branding, Identity, Art Direction
Photos: Bálint Hirling – Image Tellers