Zsofi Szabo Design

IMH Ltd and Mentorex Ltd are real estate owner and management companies. IMH leases office space, Mentorex leases storage space in Budapest. They have the same management team, and they needed an identity which could reflect their connection and represent their business.

Real estate ownership and management involve lots of different areas of expertise. Designing identity, it was my goal to represent important values to the clients: reliability, competence, and stability.

The visual difference between the two identities is only by color. The idea is that clients looking for office space are looking for a homelike place, therefore I choose IMH a warm, inviting Pantone color. Clients looking for storage space are more interested in security and constancy, so I choose Mentorex a cool color. The inviting yellow and the greyish, stone-washed blue work well together. This harmonious color combination represents the connection between the two companies.

Identity, web design & photos of the venue: Zsofi Szabo Design
Photos of stationary: Gergely Tarján