Zsofi Szabo Design

Berber Budapest offers a curated selection of beautiful new and vintage Moroccan wool rugs. Each rug has been hand-knotted by female Amazigh (Berber) artisans using traditional techniques. The rugs themselves and the landscape around the villages were a beautiful source of inspiration to create the identity design for the brand.

I designed an icon set complimenting the logo with its fuzzy edges. We used the icons throughout the website, social media, and other print campaign materials.

We aimed for an artfully presented product page as if the rugs were contemporary art objects. The actual showroom is in a loft-like space in an old warehouse, surrounded by artists’ studios—the web design is to represent the same kind of atmosphere, but online. So the Berber Budapest website is for the eyes of art lovers: people who appreciate beauty in life.

When launching the brand, we come up with an idea for an image campaign, which targeted the future customers of Berber Budapest. Think urban, easy-going, travel addicts, who could imagine sipping a cup of green tea sitting on a Berber rug in their living rooms or terraces…