During the years of designing for lots of different clients I collected interesting experiences. Mostly I did graphic design and interior design. As a freelancer I often manage the project I am working on. I also love to do presentations to inspire other people.

Graphic design

Graphic design is the main area of expertise. It includes identity design, editorial design, webdesign, and to implement the branding on any surface. In this screen oriented world I still believe in stationary – that a nicely designed business card is like a signature or a footprint – if you don't have it, your business is invisible.


Consulting came with the time and experience in the design and advertising field. I helped to define many brands from the beginning, including my own: Little Hungaropedia. I understand having your own business is like having a child. There are no bank holidays or weekends, you just love it, develop it, and stay interested in what you do.


Drawing is one of my favorite activities. A day without drawing – using pencils, pens, or brushes – is a day wasted. Do you know that feeling, when you step into a stationary store, and you start smelling the pencils? I do...

Interior design

Interior design for me is graphic design expanded to the third dimension. I studied furniture design in high school and I have 8 years experience in decorating events, weddings and interiors. I like to keep it simple and minimalistic with a twist of colors or fabrics. I believe, that good quality means sustainable design.